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Barefoot Massage, usually referred to as Ashiatsu, is a full body deep pressure massage where the therapist uses their feet as the main tool. Like traditional massage, it is done on a table with the proper draping. The therapist uses overhead bars and a long strap to maintain balance throughout the session.

Why Barefoot Massage?

By allowing gravity to do the work, Barefoot Massage is beneficial to both client and therapist. We are able to provide deeper, more consistent pressure that doesn't cause extra stress on our bodies(less burn out).

At Connected Bodywork, we do not believe in "No pain, No gain" massages. The shape of the foot contours perfectly to the body so clients experience broad pressure that's not pokey or pointy like elbows and knuckles. This work is also very relaxing. By working above the client, we can do long, continuous strokes without picking up our foot. 

Whether you find yourself asking for more pressure when receiving hands on massage, dealing with chronic pain, living an active lifestyle, or needing to add a relaxing break to your wellness routine, Connected Bodywork will cater each session to help reach your goals. Find out if Barefoot Massage is a good fit for you!

60 min/ $100

75 min/ $115

90 min/ $130

120 min/ $200




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Stretch Therapy, closely related to Thai Yoga Massage, is typically a mat based style of bodywork.  Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be flexible to receive this type of bodywork! 

Why Stretch Therapy?

Stretch Therapy can help with chronic pain and increase flexibility/ range of motion, while still promoting relaxation. We use a combination of compressions and movement to encourage a deeper stretch than someone might experience on their own. This can also relieve joint and muscle pain and improve posture.

Whether you have a solid stretch routine or none at all, this work can be very beneficial.

To learn more, contact us or book your session online using the link!

30 min Pre Stretch/ $55

(combine Stretch Therapy and Barefoot Massage, must call to book)


60 min/ $100

75 min/ $115

90 min/ $130

120 min/ $200


We understand emergencies come up and not everything is in our control, but we also believe in the value of our therapist’s time. In the case of cancelling an appointment, we ask for at least 48 hours notice. If an appointment is cancelled within the 48 hours, the client will be charged 50% of the appointment cost. In the case of a no call, no show, client will be charged the full amount.

Cancellation Policy




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